The journey at Lotusland  started as a dream.  To be having a good life with a new family, living in a healthy wild place where we could  endeavour to learn and discover  what makes  meaningfull creative work.  We had always been interested in writing,  music, painting and ceramics and that was where we found our voice.  Full of youth and inspiration, we began the journey which has filled 35years with  beauty and richness.  We have all painted, potted, danced, written, gardened and dreamed.  At time things have not been so easy but as a family we have pushed onward with trips to other parts of the world to help teach and inform us.   It has been a life full of trees, animals, ocean, swimming, horses, friends, family, late night firings, failures and successes.  There have been many exhibitions up and down the wide Australian landscape and some in other countries.  Michael and Janey are basically self-taught whilst the children were lucky to go to V.C.A., Sydney University and Swinburne to learn the subjects they were interested in.  We have liked the idea of our work remaining accessible to all and still have a stall at the Eumundi Market.  Janey has managed to discover some terrific places to inhabit as a  studio over the years including Point Arkwright and Bedarra Island and these experiences have enriched her work.  The artist  Ian Fairweather has always been a spiritual muse and example of a life lived with great intelligence.  Of course all the wonderful painters we have been lucky to see in exhibitions and read about have been so thrilling as well as the great Chinese and Japanese Masters.  We continue walking our path and meditating on our colours.


Paintings are available by a number of people.

Michael has worked with figurative large formats.

Janey paints abstract landscape informed canvases.

 Jasmin is interested in stories and people and idyllic landscapes.

We have started to show paintings from various projects involving street children from Bali and Cambodia.  In October 2009, an exhibition of Cambodian works is planned for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.  See













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